Industry Spotlight: AI in BioPharma

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3 min readMar 22, 2024

In the biopharma industry, the journey from molecule inception to clinical trials and eventual FDA approval is arduous, spanning years and costing billions of dollars. However, the success rate of new molecular entities (NMEs) navigating this path to approval stands at less than 20%. This low approval rate results in substantial financial losses, shelved assets, and inflated drug prices. The realm of AI in BioPharma, offering a beacon of hope amidst these challenges.

AI in BioPharma

The exponential growth of computational efficiency, famously captured by Moore’s law, starkly contrasts with the declining trend in drug development, known as Eroom’s Law (Moore’s law spelled backward). While computational advancements have flourished, pharmaceutical development faces complexities and costs that impede progress. However, emerging technologies such as AI and quantum modeling hold promise in overcoming these hurdles.

Simulation in Drug Discovery

AI, coupled with advanced computing tools, presents a new frontier in drug discovery and target validation. These technologies, including AI algorithms and chemistry simulation tools, drastically reduce time and cost by exploring vast molecular landscapes. While AI and simulation methods individually face limitations, their synergy offers a solution. Simulation techniques provide physical accuracy and data, while AI navigates the search for promising molecules, potentially reversing Eroom’s Law.

Case Study: Combining AI and Simulation

Historically, neurodegenerative disease targets were deemed “undruggable” due to computational challenges. However, AI and simulation, have revolutionized drug discovery for these targets. This integration yielded a remarkable 10X improvement in hit rates, showcasing the transformative potential of AI in tackling complex biomedical problems.

Questions for Biopharma Leaders and Shareholders

For leaders and shareholders of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, embracing AI and computational tools is imperative. Key questions include:

  • Is your company leveraging these tools for core drug discovery and development?
  • How do you plan to significantly reduce time and cost using computational tools?
  • What strategies are in place to enhance the success rate of clinical trials through AI and simulations?
  • Are knowledge graphs utilized to mitigate the risk of toxicity-related failures?

AI stands as a catalyst for innovation in BioPharma, offering a pathway to expedited drug development and enhanced success rates in clinical trials. Embracing these technologies is not merely an option but a strategic imperative for the industry’s future success.

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